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Norman Pest Control Pros offers pest control services for your property in Norman OK. Do you need pest control? Pick up the phone and call (405) 265-6601 to speak with a pest control specialist now. Our exterminators are trained and licensed, ready to service your property to remove insects and bug infestations. Are you experiencing a problem with ants, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitos, june bugs, beetles, wasps, bees, spiders, ticks, earwigs or any other local insect? We have the services for you. Contact Pest Control Norman OK Pros for the best pest control services in Norman OK.

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Pest control pros

A pest control company provides pest extermination, control, removal, and eradication services for residential and commercial properties. They offer long-lasting solutions to crawling and flying pests that nag you at home. Pest exterminators eliminate bats, bees, bed bugs, mosquitoes, fleas, mice and ants.

Choosing the best professional pest control company can be difficult. Take your time before hiring one to rid your home of an infestation. Talk to different companies and learn from them to find the most suitable pest exterminator Norman OK that can satisfy your needs. Check out if they are licensed for that job and if they have experience in the industry.

Read reviews on different pest control companies to find out what their previous clients have to say about them. Compare the costs of the different companies you’re considering. Check if the companies have safety measures in place and insurance cover for you and your property.

Pest Control

Pest control is the regulation of pests that adversely affect humans negatively. The main objective of a pest control Norman OK company is to eradicate and prevent future infestation. Pests can be controlled using many methods. Biological methods involve the use of other living organisms to help eradicate a pest.

Cultural methods use certain equipment to eliminate pests from your home. It involves the use of chemicals such as pesticides to kill them. Although the method is effective, it is not the safest as it may kill other productive organisms such as honey bees. It may also cause health-related problems such a cancer to humans.

Physical methods involve the use of traps and killing of pests physically. Poisoned baits can be used to eliminate mice, ants and cockroaches. Fumigation targets the life cycle of an entire pest. It’s therefore an effective way to kill them.

Norman OK pest control service

Our services are:

–    Quick, effective, and have long-term results

–    Conducted by trained, experienced, and certified professionals

–    Adequately Insured

–    Hazard free to your entire family, including small children and pets

–    Unnoticeable in terms of odors and chemical smells

–    Pivotal to your family’s health, especially if you have an established infestation

Exterminator Services

Exterminators offer the following services to their customers:

  • Termites Control Services

Exterminators eliminate termites in residential and industrial areas, especially in garages and compounds. They fumigate, drill and inject the soil with some chemicals for termite removal.

  • Bed Bug Control Services

Exterminators apply treatments in hiding places of bed bugs such as cracks on walls. The companies can offer free services for inspecting signs of bedbugs in your bedding or walls.

  • Cockroaches Control Services

Pest control companies use many treatment methods for cockroach removal, including the use of baits, sprays, fumigations and insecticides, and sealing places that harbor cockroaches.

  • Mice Control Services

Companies use baits, sticky board traps, fumigations, and rodenticides to help eliminate mice in houses infested with mice.

Ants, Bed bugs, Mice

Ants, bed bugs and mice can wreck havoc in your home. However, a pest control Norman OK company can manage to control and permanently eliminate the pests from your house.

Contact an exterminator Norman OK for pest control Norman OK services to help eradicate ants, bedbugs and mice from your home


Reliable Pest Control in Norman OK

Reliable pest control is one of the first things you should look at when your household’s standard of living and health is lacking. The presence of rodents and things like mites and cockroaches can carry diseases and carries the risk of being detrimental to your family’s wellbeing. If you have problems with pests in your home, contact us today.

Tailored to your specific situation

You have a busy schedule, and the last thing you have time for is dealing with a pest infestation. We understand that you need an effective, long-term solution, but with minimal disturbance to your lifestyle and day-to-day activities.

We will take active steps to assess your situation properly and to take note of all your needs and requirements to ensure that we provide you with a solution that is tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

We will also investigate your pest infestation extensively and formulate a solution before starting the project to save time. This includes identifying the pests and their sources of entry.

Advantages of hiring a pest control Pros

You may decide to tackle your pest infestation yourself and find ample information during an online search on how to go about, but at the end of the day, if you are not knowledgeable or experienced, it can cost you a lot of valuable time and money. If you use poisonous pesticides, it can be hazardous to your health as well.

Experienced pest control companies often have insights into problems that are area- or species specific. They are eqipped to deal with a pest infestation in record time, and with minimal disruption to your daily schedule. They may have also tapped into new technologies and practices that make pest control safer or chemical-free.

If you are planning on selling your property, hiring a reputable pest exterminator Norman OK company can enable you to supply potential sellers with sufficient proof that your building is indeed pest-free. It follows the, that using a pest exterminator Norman OK company can help you sell your property at a price that is market relates and increase your return on investment.

Five most common pest control methods

Rodent and pest infestations can take many forms and degrees of seriousness. Consider the infestation and your setup carefully before deciding on a specific course of action. Here is a list of 5 most common pest control methods.

1.    Traps

Traps are the most common method to take care of reasonably sized rodent infestations. There are many different types of traps available online, including catch-and-release traps if you have a problem with conventional traps. You can also consider using ultrasonic repellents to keep rodents from entering certain areas.

2.    Mating disruption

Mating disruption techniques can be successful in that it can stop swarms from breeding. It involves dispensing synthetic sex pheromones into the atmosphere, masking female insects’ natural pheromones. Male insects start following the scents of the synthetic pheromones and stops responding to female insects’ calls. The result is that the males never reach the females and breeding ceases.

3.    Baiting

You can bait pests by adding poison to bait like food. When pests eat the food, it kills them. Pests can also take the food into their colonies where the active ingredient gets thrown into circulation, eventually killing the entire colony. The advantage of using bait is that it doesn’t have to cover an entire area. Pests come to the bait. It is important to keep children and pets away from the food.

4.    Pesticides

Chemicals in the form of spray, mist, pellets, or liquids can be used in many different ways to control an infestation of pests. Pesticides can be harmful to people and should be used responsibly. If your pest infestation is established and requires extensive application of chemicals, consider hiring a professional pest control company as it will save you time and money and will minimize exposure to chemicals and risks to your health.

  1. Hygienic lifestyle

Making sure that surfaces and corners in your bathrooms and kitchen are always clean and sterilized can help you prevent an outbreak of pests. Garden maintenance and regular removal of garden trash will keep rodents away. It will also make it easier for you to see early signs of pest breeding and take precautionary steps.

Five tips for hiring a pest control Pros

Hiring a reputable pest control company can lower the costs and efforts that goes with regular property management significantly. Here are five tips that you can keep in mind when you are looking to hire a pest control company.

1.    Ask around

Ask people you know if they can provide you with contact details of a pest control company that they previously used in their own homes. People who saw successful results and experienced good customer service will not hesitate to share a business’s contact details.

2.    Reviews

Read reviews on designated websites about pest control companies. These reviews are mostly honest and unbiased and will give you a clear indication of what you can expect in terms of service delivery.

3.    Insurance

Ask the contractor if they have insurance to protect you from potential damage due to accidents or negligence. If they do not have insurance, keep shopping around and try to limit your search to companies that are adequately insured.

4.     Experience

Make sure that you hire a pest control company that is certified in accordance with state regulations and that they are experienced. Also, ask them about their technicians’ experience and knowledge in your particular area.

5.    Written contract

Don’t rely on a verbal agreement. Ask the contractor if you can draw up a written agreement that stipulates all the terms of the project. This includes the address of your property, your name, the pest control company’s name, as well as nature and extent of the pest infestation and the contractors proposed course of action. A contract can help you when a dispute arises at some point in the future


Disclaimer: Norman Pest Control Pros is a MARKETING company for pest control services. We do not provide any actual pesticide application at ANY property. When you call our company, you will be connected to a local pest control professional who is licensed to do business in your state.